Cracow Tours

• the Old Town Route (with The Royal Route) [details]

the University Route:

» Collegiate Church of St. Anne
» Collegium Maius – the oldest University building
» Collegium Minus
» Kołłątaj Collegium
» Wróblewski Collegium
» Witkowski Collegium
» Collegium Novum
» Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus
» Collegium Juridicum

» Collegium Broscianum

• Jewish Heritage (e.g. the Jewish District of Kazimierz) [details]

• Times of World War II and the Holocaust (Podgórze District of Cracow and Oskar Schindler’s Factory, Retracing Schindler’s List) [details]

• the Christian District of Kazimierz [details]

• Socialist and Communist Heritage (Nowa Huta – a model socialist town and not only…) [details]

• the Art Nouveau Route [details]

• Pope John Paul II Route [details]