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Krakow Museums
Price List

My fee depends on the amount of visiting time and on the number of visitors, this is why each time it is settled individually.

Prices of tickets for a few of Cracow Museums (admission: normal/ reduced):

• The Royal Castle :

– The State Rooms (Royal Representative Rooms): 18zł /11zł
- The Royal Private Apartaments: 25zł / 19zł
- The Crown Treasury and Armoury: 18zł / 11 zł
- The Oriental Art: 8zł / 5zł
- The Lost Wawel: 10zł / 7zł
- "Lady with an ermine": 10zł / 8zł

• The Royal Cathedral: 12zł / 7zł

• The Dragon’s Den: 3zł / 3zł

• St. Mary’s Basilica (with the Veit Stoss’ High Altar): 10zł / 5zł

• The Czartoryski Museum: 9zł / 5zł

• The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) – Gallery of Polish Painting: 14zł / 8zł

• The Main Market Square Underground Museum: 19zł / 16zł

• The Collegium Maius – the first, oldest College of the Jagiellonian University: 12zł / 6zł

• The Barbican: 8zł / 6zł

• The Archeological Museum : 7zł / 5zł;

•The Old Synagogue: 9zł / 7zł

•The Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery: 5zł / 5zł

•The Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory: 19zł / 16zł

•The Eagle Pharmacy: 10zł / 8zł

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